About Us


The Internet is brimming with matrimonial websites. Both old companies and startups providing you with almost identical portals where you make profiles and search for matches. All managed by automatic computer programs. But a marriage isn't solely a technological process. It's a human thing. A tradition of the highest importance. So, we at Bandhan Center decided to introduce humans to the business of finding soulmates.

Bandhan Center is the first of its kind where your profile is considered and studied by a human being called the Wedding Consultant who is sitting in the town where you seek the match. Wedding Consultants are local volunteers with a sound knowledge of people and their backgrounds. Once you sign up with Bandhan Center, it becomes our responsibility to understand your requirements and come up with the best possible matches.

We help find matches for all religions, states and nationalities. Your personal data is safe and secure with us. Bandhan Center is managed by Shri Ram Kumar Gupta Memorial Charitable Society, Punjab.